Explanation of symbols

Power and speed of the stirrer

A powerful stirrer is essential for the effective stirring of viscous products. A lower stirring speed treats the product gently, while a high speed will make it light and airy.


Weight of the stirrer

A light stirrer reduces heavy lifting and is more ergonomic.


Weight of the lid

A lightweight lid saves the user from having to lift many unnecessary kilograms every day, so making the kettle more ergonomic.


No screws/joints around food

A kettle bowl made from strong sheet material without any joints or screws around the food maximises hygiene and durability.


Inspection hatch

This saves many lifts of the lid and enables ingredients to be added while the stirrer is rotating. 



Programs with stored parameters save time when using the kettle and ensure consistent results.


Adjustable, upright control panel

This makes operating the kettle more ergonomic and enables the display to be read from a dis- tance. This gives a better overview of several kettles and eliminates awkward light reflections.

Error codes

This makes servicing easier and faster. Common user errors are also indicated.


Tilt height

A greater tilt height is more ergonomic and enables easier serving and cleaning.


The control system ensures that the water level in the kettle’s steam generator is always correct, even after a chilling process.


Water flow meter

Electronic metering of the quantity of water that is added to the kettle. The quantity is measured in litres/gallons to one decimal place.


Drip stop

Water refilling with a drip stop makes cleaning easier and reduces water spillage on the floor.


Chilling using chilled water from an external chilling system 

Chilling using chilled water that is recirculated through an external chilling system. This makes chilling the product in the kettle fast and easy.


Chilling using water from the mains supply

This makes chilling the product in the kettle easy. The chilling water is not recycled.


Water-saving function for chilling

Economical chilling with a 9-step water-saving function.


Access code

The kettle can be set so that entry of an access code is required before the kettle can be used.