EasyMix - Control

AutoTemp 15

The top display normally shows the actual temperature of the inner kettle, but a keypress gives access to display and alter the temperature setpoint. This is set quickly and precisely from 1 to 120°C. The large arrows change the setting by 10°C, while the small arrows change the setting by 1°C. The heating power is controlled automatically to ensure that the temperature setpoint is achieved.


The speed and stirring pattern of the stirrer are easily controlled using the keys on the second line of the control panel. Six dynamic stirring patterns are available and the speed can be set to between 5 and 140 RPM. Certain stirring patterns have a limited speed, determined by the purpose of the stirring pattern.


The stirring patterns available include continuous stirring in both directions and several stirring patterns with variable reversals and pauses. These stirring patterns are intended for normal stirring, gentle stirring and powerful stirring/mashing. One stirring pattern is optimised for cleaning using the cleaning tool.


The stirring patterns are designed to automatically adjust to the set stirring speed and therefore always operate optimally. Slow stirring gives fewer reversals and longer pauses, while fast stirring gives more reversals and shorter pauses. Combined with the option to set the speed from 5 to 140 RPM, this unique function gives excellent results, regardless of whether you need effective, fast and powerful stirring or gentle, slow stirring.


For safety reasons, the stirrer will stop when the lid is opened. When the SlowMix option is selected, the stirrer can however rotate slowly with an open lid while a key is held down and the kettle is tilted. This simplifies emptying and gives more uniform results if the food is to be divided between several containers.


Water is added to the kettle by pressing the keys on the third line of the display. There is a function for filling while the key is held down and a function for filling until the key is pressed again. The water passes through a large drip-free spout on the pillar.


The kettle’s tilt function is operated using keys on the control panel and the TiltBack function means that the kettle will automatically return slightly after tilting is stopped. This minimises overrun during emptying and makes pouring easier.


WaterLevelAutomatic ensures that the water level in the kettle’s steam generator is correct. This prevents unnecessary stoppages and also prevents the kettle from boiling dry.


This control can be fitted with the simplest chilling system where the quantity of chilling water added cannot be controlled.
When the chilling process has finished, the excess water is drained off from the steam jacket by opening a manual valve.





152-243 Nm
5-140 rpm
2,3-3,9 kg
Error codes 324-447 mm
WaterLevel Automatic  


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