The series Multi-Line spans the markets most advanced and flexible induction appliance.


With these top professional appliances you get the possibility to utilize:

  • Pots and pans
  • Wok in connection with wok holder
  • Non-stick griddle-plate

which gives a multiple of opportunities in one and the same appliance. In this manner all possibilities to adapt your appliances to different themes in the menu is at hand.


Multi-Line is operated with a membrane keypad, where the option either to control the temperature in levels from 1-12 or recall one of the three user pre-set values is at hand.


Multi-Line can be operated both with temperature control through power levels, keeping hot with the hold function and heating with temperature control, through a wireless temperature measurement of the bottom of the pot or pan.


Multi-Line is delivered with one cooking zone of 3,5 kW or 5,5 kW


Brochure for Multi-Line (PDF)

Technical data (PDF)