KSF- Robust mini ranges

KSF 40-2


  • Robust construction
  • Long lifetime
  • Fully stainless steel stand
  • High heat output
  • Safety rails supplied with heavy duty hotplates
Practical mini ranges for many purposes

The KSF has been sold for use in all types of kitchen over many years. This is primarily due to their solid construction and the use of powerful, high quality hotplates.

Mini ranges are typically used for short periods of time when there is a need for additional capacity in the kitchen or for large kettles which cannot be used on normal cooking ranges.


The stand

All models are made from stainless steel, and the legs are fitted with strong adjusting screws, making height adjustment easy and accurate. The hotplates are heavy duty hotplates and

supply of the heat is controlled by a seven-position switch. A clear sign and indicator light indicate whether the plate is switched on. The control panel is recessed to protect the indicator lights and dials from damage.


KSF 40



The hotplates

The heavy duty hotplates are particularly robust and therefore ideally suited to heavy duty use. The plates can remain switched on even when there are no pots or other appliances on them, partly as a result of their strong construction and partly because they are fitted with a safety function which prevents overheating.


Heavy duty hotplates are fitted with safety rails. Due to their design, lightweight hotplates heat up quickly, but do not tolerate being left on for a long period of time without being in use.


The mini ranges can be supplied for 3~230 V, 3~400 V, 3~400 V+N or 3~440 V, or other voltages on request.

Brochure for KSF and KSR (pdf)

Specificationer for tilting frying pans and ranges (pdf)